Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Try This Again

Okay, so this is at least the third or fourth time I've tried to keep a regular blog. Needless to say, all of my prior attempts ended in a rather unspectacular manner (e.g. I kinda forgot about them and let them die a slow, painful death). Why will this time be different? Beats the hell outta me. I just have a feeling about this one. I think I've finally hit on the right idea - instead of trying to focus on one topic, I'll just write about whatever is on my mind at a given time. So, in other words, it'll pretty much be like 90% of the blogs out there.

Oh, I tried to do a Pittsburgh-related blog a few years ago, but Ginny over at That's Church does it so much better than I ever could. So, if you're interested in an often humorous and always thought provoking take on my city, I'd point your Google Machine in its direction.

I'm not entirely sure what's spurred me on to do this again. Boredom? A need for an outlet? Wanting to be counted among the bajillion other bloggers out there? A hatred of Twitter? All of the above?

So, if this is going to be a blog about "whatever" then what can you expect? A healthy dose of pop culture, sports, comic books, and pro wrestling musings along with my occasional snide take on society today and my possibly endless list of things that get on my nerves. I wouldn't expect too many political observations as A) this isn't a political blog and B) politics in general pisses me off, so the less I say about it, the better.

Some things to expect in the coming weeks (and, dare I say it, months): my first attempt at a live blog during next week's Monday Night RAW, bits and pieces of my past I want or feel the need to share, unsolicited plugs for places I like to shop and eat, and stuff that will probably make you think "No wonder he's single."

Anyway, Chuck is on in about 10 minutes (a show you should all be watching, by the way), and I'm rapidly running out of things to say. So, I'm gonna sign off for tonight. More tomorrow... if I survive my trip to the dentist and a possible root canal. Betcha could have done without knowing that. Get used to it.


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