Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday Night Musings and other nonsense

So, if you're here for a second day, welcome back! If you're just tuning in, boy have you picked the right day (or wrong, depending on your perspective).

Today is the first of my soon-to-be-famous Monday Night RAW musings, a look back at the night that was on WWE's flagship program, Monday Night RAW (the longest running program in the history of episodic television as Michael Cole never fails to remind us each and every week).

Y'see, kids, I'm a pro wrestling geek of sorts. I've been following it for 25 years now (has it really been that long?), and as such, I feel I know a thing or three about it. And while I wouldn't consider myself an "insider," I do think I'm as qualified to have an informed opinion as any of them are.

So, on with the musings...

1. Are you as surprised as I am by Randy Orton's very subtle, yet well executed, face turn? Orton is one of the last people I'd ever thought would be ripe for a face turn, yet it's happening right before our eyes. But unlike his last face turn when he was summarily removed from Evolution, this one actually looks like it might work. Why? Because the powers-that-be aren't changing Orton - they're only changing who he's facing in the ring. Did you hear the pop he got last night when Triple H tagged him in during their 2-on-3 match against Legacy and Sheamus? I don't think he's ever gotten a pop like that. After Wrestlemania, RAW is going to need a new top of the card face, what with Shawn Michaels either taking time off or just retiring altogether (check out this scoop at WrestleZone for more info on HBK), and it looks like it's going to be Orton. And that's a good thing, because he was starting to become very stale as a heel. A face Orton opens up lots of new feuds and old feuds with a new twist. Kudos to WWE for actually doing a turn that makes sense for once.

2. I'm not sure if HBK/Taker II can top last year's match, but I'm sure they'll try their damnedest to make it so. I don't see how Michaels can win this match. The Undertaker's streak is "sacred," and with Taker getting ever closer to retirement, I just can't see it ending now. Guess we'll find out.

3. I'll be curious to see if there are any surprises and/or shenanigans during the Vince/Bret match at Mania. Vince sort of teased it last night, but I still think Bret goes over in the end, via Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.

4. Someone please explain to me the mess that the Women's division has become. It's sure fallen a long way since the glory days of Trish Stratus and Lita. Bad booking, injuries and retirements have made it virtually unwatchable, even with the wonderful eye candy.

5. Good promo/segment to end the show last night between Batista and Cena. I'm still having trouble seeing Batista as a heel after he was a face for such a long time, but he's certainly done his best to get over as a bad ass, yet semi-cowardly, heel. I still think Cena's gonna win, though.

6. ShowMiz vs. Truth and Wisdom could be a show stealer... if it goes more than, y'know, 8 minutes. Man, call me old, but I really miss when tag team wrestling meant something. Oh well, guess that's why I like CHIKARA so much.

Other nonsense...

- Ben Roethlisberger to meet with NFL Commish Roger Goodell. Yeah, that can't be good. Wonder if it'll be before or after Goodell watches Ben's "appearance" on South Park? And along those same lines, I wonder if Tiger Woods has watched it yet?

- Is it wrong of me to be disappointed by the pretty crappy weather we had today? I mean, it is still March, and we haven't seen anything resembling snow for several weeks. I guess I shouldn't bitch about temps in the 40s and rain... but I will.

- How will Obamacare affect someone like me who is currently uninsured but won't be when I'm no longer a temp? Will the health insurance police come after me?

- The Pirates announced their starting rotation today (Duke, Ohlendorf, Malholm, Morton and McCutchen). In other news, the Pirates have been mathematically eliminated from postseason contention. At least they had the good sense to send Kevin "Balls Off the Plate" Hart to AAA.

- Raise your hand if you had Northern Iowa, St. Mary's and Cornell all in the Sweet 16. Yeah, that's what I thought. Hey, I didn't either, so no shame.

- Is it just me or are the Penguins playing incredibly uninspiring hockey as of late? A team with as much talent as they have shouldn't struggle to score three goals on a regular basis. Memo to Sid and the boys - you can't always expect to be able to turn on the switch whenever the playoffs start.

Unsolicited Plug of the Day: the fine folks at Dazen Family Dentistry in Stowe Township who let it be known that I won't be needing a root canal to fix my broken tooth. If that's not worth an unsolicited plug, then I don't know what is.



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